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We’re looking for a Big Data Software engineer who will help us build and maintain the large-scale data infrastructure at Insider. We’ve got the perfect opportunity for you to create the next generation of ML & AI experiences in the world.

At Insider, our code is to change the way digital experiences are built and improved by democratizing predictive, machine learning and AI technologies. You will be working in a cross-functional team of brilliant people including developers, data scientists, quality assurance engineers, business intelligence and product teams in a fast-paced, high-tech and collaborative environment. Join our Predictive Team to create your own playground.

The path of a Big Data Software Engineer is not linear. You are going to reflect on how things are going, consider alternative strategies, and ask yourself challenging and high-level questions to see the bigger picture. You can often come upon an impasse, but you have to be patient and willing enough to accept the time it takes to become a true master. You will be offering your assistance to people that might require it while you will be learning a lot from them.

What you will do day in and day out

    • Assist the team in designing and developing a scalable real-time infrastructure and data pipelines
    • Work closely with data scientists to develop machine learning models and algorithms
    • Design and implement distributed data processing pipelines using Hadoop/Spark, Hive and Presto
    • Integrate our analytics platform internally across products and teams
    • Focus on performance, throughput, and latency to build and maintain our architecture
    • Implement efficient and robust solutions to collect, process and store our data
    • You are expected to be a creative person, you will generate ideas on data-centric products that will be used in online customer behaviors and marketing
    • Write APIs, tools, and scripts
    • Stay sharp with new technologies and potential solutions

What we expect from you

    • You studied Computer Science
    • You have at least 2 years of software development experience
    • You are familiar with Scala, Python or Java
    • You have experience working with big data technologies such as Hadoop/Spark, Hive, Presto etc.
    • You have strong SQL skills, including query optimization
    • You’ve got a good grasp of NoSQL (Cassandra/SycllaDB, Clickhouse, Elasticsearch, MongoDB etc.)
    • You know your way around real-time processing frameworks (like Spark Streaming, Flink, AWS Kinesis etc.)
    • You are familiar with big data architectures such as SMACK and Lambda Architecture
    • You are a true problem solver and a curious bug when it comes to data
    • You have hands-on experience working with large and complex datasets
    • You are passionate about learning big data, data mining and data analysis technologies
    • You are a proactive and self-directed person, you take initiatives when necessary

What is it like to work at Insider?

Are you a true seeker of personal development?

Are you ready to go the extra mile to create an impact?

Do you want to be challenged with engaging work every day, pushing your boundaries?

If all of your answers are yes, then you are in the right place. We are underdogs, game-changers, and dream makers; we overcome challenges through hard work and innovation. You will work with some of the world’s most brilliant and passionate engineers together to solve challenging problems.

Did someone say perks? Yup

-On-going educational sessions and training (including Sales, Digital Marketing, Customer Success, Entrepreneurship, Google Analytics, tech talks)

-Free access to premium services like Udemy, Blinkist, Masterclass and Spotify

-4 Meals a day & snacks in between, you even get your 3 pm healthy snack delivered to your desk every day

-No-dress code  

-Lots - and we mean lots - of coffee machines

-Yoga, dancing and fitness classes

Insider is a Sequoia backed technology company with offices in London, Singapore, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Seoul, Sydney, Helsinki, Barcelona, Dubai, Moscow, Warsaw, Taipei, Jakarta, Istanbul, Kiev, Ho Chi Minh City, Bangkok, Ankara and Kuala Lumpur. Insider was listed as one of Europe’s 100 Hottest Startups by WIRED Magazine and won Red Herring Top 100 Europe in 2017. CrunchBase has recently ranked Insider’s co-founder and CEO Hande Cilingir as one of the top three women CEOs outside of the US.

Some of the most prestigious Fortune 500 companies and top brands in retail, automotive and travel across the globe use Insider to deliver AI-backed personalized experiences. Helping world’s leading brands grow beyond the speed of customer expectations, Insider is trusted by over 600 businesses across various industries including UNIQLO, Singapore Airlines, Tokopedia, Virgin, New Balance, Nissan, Samsung, Puma, Newsweek, Media Markt, AVIS, Allianz, BBVA, Dominos, McDonald’s, Avon and CNN.

Insider is a value-driven company and we provide equal opportunity in a  zero-discrimination workplace. Insider not just welcomes but also embraces diversity. Therefore, all qualified candidates will be considered without regards to sex, race, color, nationality, religion, gender identity, sexual orientation, disability status, citizenship or marital status. Lastly, Insider will provide all necessary arrangements for eligible individuals with disabilities.

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